Grilled Cheese Sandwich Exercise
Assignment Description
A ‘How To Guide’ for the purpose of making a grilled cheese sandwich, in six ‘easy’ steps. It should go without saying that the end result of whatever you create should be visually engaging, communicative, and enticing/memorable to the end user.
In short, it should look appealing and desirable as it is functional and usable. Logic tends to lead to usefulness.
Visualize the process of making a grilled cheese sandwich in a maximum of 6 steps. You can use any medium you wish to fulfill your goal. Medium is a choice that has an impact on your end result. The wrong choices with your visual medium can result in a solution that fails its desired goal. For example; Just because you have wonderful photography does not mean it will communicate an idea better than a basic line drawing, or vice versa. Understand the subject, the audience, and how to connect both of these parts of the equation.
Idea Development Process
Idea Visualization

Hand Drawing     |     Adobe Illustrator     |     Date: Oct. 2021

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